Friday, August 31, 2012

Of exhausting releasing, expanding restraining

I’ve been trying to get back to my guitar and develop my ears and fingers again. Or, for now, just recover from the rust from the whole year without practicing (though I had some planner’s skills protecting it). All in all I’m finding my skills really not as dreadful as I remembered them.

Still, going back to practicing my triad of major skills made me realize how great it was to have these three systems offering me feelings to be analogized into equations and motifs. For instance, the restraining made some interesting melodies come up, as my mind wasn’t tired of it as it soon became after half an hour exploring the notes and finding the vices and limitations I have. Other than that, I’ve just noticed that my fingers really hurt from these arpeggio exercises, and I remember I used to think of how this painful exhaustion was a good sign as it meant I was forcing my muscles to develop.

It makes me think of this great release I’m doing with my writing skills (which is the one most connected with my thinking skills). As a much more developed skill than music-playing (and simpler too), I can perceive some effects that are happening. For instance, seventy posts in May were terribly exhausting, but now it’s only around one hundred now in August that I am really getting to my limit.

I don’t think it’s the natural development that has helped me be able to add another whole month worth of texts. It was the exhaustion from the martial exercises in May that allowed me that. And it’s now towards my own new barrier that I seem to find the moment in which I can make the true development. It’s now my muscles are aching that I can expand my limits. It’s by trying to bear with them that I can make them stronger with time.

The benefit isn’t just being able to write more, but making the average efforts simpler and simpler. As I am debossifying them, I can take a lot less time to write here. I know that one day I’ll find myself too busy to dedicate as much time to this blog as I can now, so I’m doing this as a present to my future generations.

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