Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Yagami’s Paranoia

It comes from Death Note and the instigating combat of logic between Kira and L. The whole plot is about Kira trying to hide evidences while L makes deductions based on little hints and slips made by Kira. Knowing of the actions and thoughts from both sides eliminates the mystery of the detective story, but I think that’s convergent to what makes the story so unique and enthralling.

Reading through the twelve tomes in which this story is told keeps you always on the edge for every little action and reaction. Though there are times when the characters are thinking so unbelievably ahead, I still enjoyed the way they were analysing everything from all angles and possibilities.

After getting to the end of the story, I’ve noticed how it gave to me this feeling of trying to think of things the way they were doing. It’s the idea of being so constantly worried about the surrounding elements that it goes to a level of paranoia. However, Light Yagami seems to be well-prepared for dealing with such an overwhelming amount of details. For me it’s an unreachable level of skillfulness.

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