Friday, August 31, 2012

Of microtasting

My appreciation of life is, most of the time, a very quiet one. This whole world going on inside me is almost always unperceived to others. In fact, sometimes when I’m having one of these burning trances people usually think I’m asleep. Even when I am trying these internal chest motions that unleash Trygve against the scourgers, sometimes one comes close and shakes my shoulder, telling me to wake up (and it’s a shock to be back in the world again this way).

I might not be the most intense people out there and I might not get enrolled in great events, but I can say I taste all the little things I live with passion. And sometimes I think, maybe in a mindtrap-filled way, that this microtasting is much harder than tasting of all these events incrusted with quartzes.

The sensibility that is needed for tasting all these little details, especially in introspective incursions, makes me see and feel much more things that others usually aren’t ever aware of, so maybe there is a merit to being this quiet and introspective. Plus when a major event kicks in, I am going to feel it with much more intensity, as it’s told by the slingshot effect with release and restraint. 

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