Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Senna’s Training

It comes from documentaries about one of the greatest brazilian F1 pilots, Ayrton Senna. It’s said that he always used to practice with machines much below the standard, just so that when he got himself the nice car for the moment of truth, he would have a greater advantage in controlling it.

The idea is about enduring the worst condition to make the actual one more comfortable. It’s the development by using rustic instruments that handicap your efficiency. And somehow, in an interesting twist, that alone loudens the skill in its natural performance. For instance, sometimes I am writing down my ideas while walking (or on the bus), and my handwriting in a firm platform becomes almost automatically more elegant, as if my hand had it so easy this time around.

This is a name that could last because that’s really him as an influence, even though he hasn’t really being such a passionate inspiration of mine. Still, it’s one of those absorbed quintessences that I can think without the words. It’s almost a natural spell for me.

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