Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Nieborg’s Optimization

It comes from one famous dutch pixel artist, Henk Nieborg. He has a very distinct art style and he creates amazing drawings even in limited systems such as the Gameboy and the Sega Genesis. One of the most beautiful genesis games, in my opinion, is The (mis)Adventures of Flink, because he used a very limited palette of colors and made incredibly detailed scenarios with it for a 16-bit console.

The idea is about being short of resources and doing extraordinary things out of them. It’s the limitation that forces us to be creative to overcome it, but it’s also about coming up with something far more impressive in its own appeal than those who have more advanced tools.

Apparently this optimization is mostly a matter of skill, and it seems to be improved by this own method of adverse conditions. This is the trodden ground I’ve once named Nuclear Victory, and one skilled in having this kind of victories is someone worthy to have in your team. 

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