Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Simmon’s Secret

It comes from reading one little article years and years ago about the band Kiss, and how Gene Simmons planned to make it successful. As far as I can remember, as I didn’t even read the whole article, just the sentence when it was said that the members wanted to be as skilled as they could before standing on stage. It was a matter of marketing, as everything related with Kiss turned out to be. They wanted the first impression to be a good one already.

This idea is about the sense of perfectionism, to refuse crossing the threshold before being completely prepared to it. It’s being exigent enough to allow the release of something only in its apex of development.

That little sentence has had impact in me. I have always been concerned about what it would mean to try doing something I was not good at. And it’s something that almost sabotages me, as until today I don’t know how to play one entire song on my guitar because it doesn’t feel right for me to play just some chords and let riffs and solos be ignored.

This perfectionism is something not really being practiced here, though starting the release on the last day of the month is a hint to that direction. And the Tactical Exile seems also to be my fear of going out and doing things all half-assed as I allow myself to do in here.

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