Friday, August 31, 2012

Of my mind (the entity of its own)

I remember a long time ago, years ago, when I was telling a friend about something my mind was doing, and she came with something like “it’s not your mind, it’s you”, like I was trying to get the blame of something to something else. Now, it’s not like I took that seriously, but since then I’ve always been perceiving this tendency I have to talk about things my mind does (and mostly how viced I am).

But the fact can’t be denied that the mind does things in its own way. The way experiences are stamped or how my mind reacts to situations like release and restraint make me see it as the entity of its own. Maybe it’s just the natural absorption it is programmed to do through instinct, but who’s ever said life really knows of what it’s doing?

My mind has to be understood separately from my own self, as there are several unconscious and involuntary reactions that take a certain preparation for my actual awareness to perceive. In the end my conscious and unconscious is one thing only, and it’s all my mind examining itself, that’s one very curious thing for me to pay attention.

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