Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Repent

The pain that I’ve done harm to others is a pain I don’t like keeping, and I prefer being quick to apologize. It’s hard to run over pride and sense of dignity, and it only seems to work against some people.

Sometimes I’m not forgiven, but I’ve done what I could, and that lightens up my chest. It’s fundamental for me to have no weight in my heart coming from blinding pride. And for that I can feel that I’ve done what I could to change my ways. I can’t change the past but I can show I repent of it and will not do it again.

This axiom isn’t much like the others in the terms of intensity, though there’s one comforting feeling inside me. It’s like a sign that I still have a warm heart inside, and that I can feel the reason that tells me that I was the one who was wrong the whole time. The axiom is in noticing that accepting it isn’t as humiliating as it seems.

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