Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Q. Glossary

As complex as the concept of the quintessences can grow, I find there are certain elements about them that become frequent and used constantly. The following terms are some components that I’m dealing with in a daily basis. Their names is not how I’m usually referring to them in my mind, and I’m mostly creating several names now.

It’s a certain level of perception of them that changes as I pay more attention to them. So although I can feel them happening with frequency, they become more important after I make this kind of dissection.

Loaded quintessence: means when there’s something to be felt about something. It’s the song that still captivates me and makes me able to feel it.

Drained quintessence: means the lack of emotional response towards something. When I listen to a song too much, it becomes dull.

Stained quintessence: means the feeling that is poisoned with memories of something else. I wish to feel them for what they are, but they have crusts over them.

Released quintessence: means the tasting of the emotion. It can’t be overused, as the draining of the quintessence is the toll. I tell myself cautionary tales about dead quintessences so I will leave them addictive quintessences in peace.

Restrained quintessence: means the avoidance of the feeling, just so it can be reloaded. Sometimes it takes months for a song to feel reloaded, and few listens to be drained again, so it’s one of the issues I’ve been going through. It feels like they’re being more dead than alive already, though extremely dead quintessences are just old legends!

Ignited quintessence: means the action that stir up the emotions inside me. It doesn’t happen when the quintessence is drained. I’m finding it necessary for trances to happen, because of vortexes and the gusto effect. Intensity is also one of the keys for ignition.

Driven quintessence: means the ignited quintessence that can be manipulated. It can be the exploration of neighbor quintessences, and, through spells, for instance, I can bring Trygve from Ushag, or Noekk from Frosq and then drive it to Áine or Hephaestus. However, this description makes it too extraordinary, as I hardly can do that. Yet.

Returning quintessence: means when the force behind the idea comes back to me. It is an issue because I can’t perceive it has been with me before. Maybe one of the reasons for that would be me being too focused on the worded idea that when the force returns it is first perceived as something new.

Neighboring quintessence: mean the proximity of feelings that makes them hard to be distinguished. Even apparently opposite emotions like hate and love can neighbor through this intense reaction we have towards something (and it explains the enantiodromical shifts in our mind). 

Marble quintessence: means the main characteristic of the quintessence that is to have several elements gathered in one emotion. As the concept evolved, tasks had to be assigned to submotifs. It’s known that there are no rules for what elements can gather into a marble, even apparently opposite emotions (and unrelated experiences, which explains mysterious and non-sensical happenings in my dreams).

Gathered quintessence: means the elements being brought together to this condensed marble that is the quintessence. It doesn’t need only materialization to be disassembled, as being exposed to mental tasting makes elements surface by themselves. Some memories seem to be retrieved this way.

Materialized quintessence: means the personal emotion or idea turned real, be it words, images or sounds, so others can see and feel it too. It is one of the ways to invert the process of Q. Gathering, though it will gather back in the next mind exposed to it (it is the natural state in our mind).

Translated quintessence: means the rematerialization of the image into words, or sounds into images. A detailed and intense study of semiotics and its modalities is needed.

Converted quintessence: means the absorption of new emotions and ideas from the experiences we have, through which they gather into marbles. They come together with other experiences that made the mind absorb similar emotions. Getting in touch with different systems enrich our analogous knowledge.

Transferred quintessence: means the process of having a quintessence passed on to another soul. It is more about emotions, feelings and sensations than the Q. Conversion. It can also be known as art.

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