Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Motifs and Equations

Though I’ve last highlighted equations several months ago, it’s been frequent in my thoughts. And as close as they are to newly mined motif, I suspect of their similarity. They are definitely neighboring, and I still am suspicious that they are in fact the same thing. After all, when I think of some motifs, an equation is basically what they are like too.

I don’t know when or how I first came to choose motifs as the name for these named ideas, but it worked anyway. Motifs are all these named ideas. The idea would become a motif the moment I capitalize the first letter. There’s a lot of meaning in something I can do so easily that capitalization becomes something I must be very, very careful about. And often I am not.

Equations are the undercurrent forces behind the world. It isn’t so departed from the physics, as the gravity is indeed a force behind the events we see. As one perceives more equations, they become wiser. It’s the behavioral knowledge that makes me foresee events in a system because of the study of system.

The relation between motifs and equations, and the thing that makes Equations survive the RQ Trial, is the notion that motifs are to be the analogizing of equations among the systems. Popular sayings can be an equation using some surface mask or something, though not necessarily a motif. As of now, I am considering a motif when the equation has been analogized in at least two systems.

I have the idea I was able to think of something like motifs, equations and the whole analogous correlations is because I’ve always been paying attention on how manipulation of words, images and sounds would show similarities. It would be a stream of charging realizations that would just make the seeds grow into these complex trees.

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