Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Campbell’s Refusal

It comes from Joseph Campbell’s study of the monomyth and the Hero’s Journey. It’s about the moment when the character denies the call to the journey. It might feel like a matter of insecurity, or a demand beyond his skills, but the hero, the successful one, eventually gets beyond that.

Lately I’ve been noticing that, hey, this journey is happening to me. Now that could help me as a guide, mainly to know what other dangers there are still to me ahead. And I think that I’m currently stuck in this stage of the journey. It happens to me, this fear of going out, this fear of crossing the threshold and meeting that new world.

But in a way I’ve crossed the threshold when I started this blog. I have accepted my call and I’m in this amazing new world of ideas like I never thought I could have. I am in a different stage than I was before this, as now I know of my purpose in life. Still, I’m practicing everything secretly, as if I was getting prepared to debut with excellence.

They say that Campbell’s formula is just one guiding structure, as stories can change around them. So I wonder if it’s possible to have two different calls, two different thresholds to cross. Is this Tactical Exile part of the plan, or is it mostly a refusal behind?

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