Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Langell’s Self-Doubt

It comes from Pain of Salvation’s drummer, Johan Langell, who used to be insecure about his skills. It’s a story told by Daniel Gildenlöw in an interview, saying that when he used to hand in the drum tabs, Langell would always be “no, this is impossible”, but five minutes he was playing it perfectly.

The concept here is about us making challenges maybe not being really exigencies beyond our skills as they first seem. There’s a comfort in seeing how this monster of a drummer would be insecure himself about all the things he had to do, and that made us impressed later in the albums.

As insecure as I am towards new challenges, that’s basically how I feel in here too, being so sure this time there would be new ideas, and that I am going to fail with my commitment. Although my texts could always be better if seasoned more, I didn’t really fail this much. I wonder why my mind never assumes the thrill of the new match isn’t much of a concern anymore.

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