Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Scars

Scars symbolize life in our skin. It represents all the wounds we’ve taken and that we are not ashamed to show. There is, after all, the physical pain that is enjoyable to feel. It’s not the unsettling feeling my knees make when I walk, or other health issues. It’s not the wound that bothers my thoughts, or makes me long for healing.

Some pains I feel are just the easily-healable bruises and wounds from adventures. It’s what I once called Scarpride. It’s the joy of feeling life through pain, sometimes also followed by dirtiness and exhaustion.

The axioms are not supposed to make me feel close to Scourgers in any way. In fact, these are not things I do to hurt myself. These scars are just healthy symbols of the life I’m living. It’s the side of the opals that I can taste without feeling insane, deformed and depraved.

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