Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Discipline

Maybe it’s from this blog, or from the qualities I was forced to develop to carry on with the demands of my job, but I’m glad I’m growing some treasured discipline. It’s this skill alone that’s helping me develop much more with less effort and also less time.

It’s a skill I’ve become obsessed to develop, and I do it compulsively. Every thing I turn my attention to I try to turn it organized and clean, so as to avoid harmful hazes.  I try to stick to my commitment, even if it is pointless or makes me exhausted – especially if it makes me exhausted. I feel the power of my dedication to all the little things in my life, even things that are so short-lived.

It’s the effort that I can be proud of, as I know there’s some merit to it. It’s an exigency that I’m finding myself failing here and there, but as time goes on it takes less effort from me. 

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