Friday, August 31, 2012

Of the (four) ways of life

I feel the stains of vices now when I am talking about something that ranges outside this focus on introspective research and skill development. But I always kept an eye for the surroundings and for the ways of life. All the way life grows, reproduce and then die, and all those cycles and also the feeble viruses that we are.

So I ended up thinking of these components that keep making life simply strive. Strange to think I’ve thought of it all by myself. Seems the result can be entertaining, and at least can be the food for thought, despite being only mere fantasies of my mind
The first idea I had was about waterways, and then I tried to see if I could do it with the remaining elements, and it’s interesting how I’m talking about life through four lifeless elements. It’s impossible to really keep them four concepts really apart, as they grow deep bounds among them.

Waterways:  it’s the polishing factor. It’s the force that makes the bodies grow to become agile. It’s what makes things look for the shortest path. It’s the natural selection of saving effort. It makes sense, as the life being that can do more things with less energy is going to survive longer in harsh times. One can see the idea of waterways when there’s an ill-planned sidewalk that had no practical route. People will tread the one that is more suitable for their water-like needs.

Sandways: It’s the search for refuge and safe paths for development. It’s the idea of life trying out every path, like grains of sand sticking to all corners they can slip in. It’s about trial and error, but lingering around shapes that offer safety. And life can survive in several ways. The elephants, monkeys and beetles are just the same grains of life that have found their own ways through evolution.

Lavaways: it’s the survival instinct to stay alive. It’s the sacrifices we can make in order to maintain the life and our lineage. It sounds so obvious, but I find it intriguing how life can act so desperate in order to remain alive. What’s so important about it?

Windways: It’s about reproduction and dominance. Life strives for taking over it’s almost virulent. If the ambient has the right conditions, life dominates the ambient. It might sound beautiful when we think of colorful gardens, but there’s something scary about it too.

WA are connected to SA as the development through mutation. WA to LA as polished bodies that can defend and attack with more effectiveness. WA to WI as life can resist the world and still proliferate. SA to LA as life seeks to find safety. SA to WI as trying to dominate by trying every possible path. LA to WI as the perseverance to keep going.

As human beings being so dominant over the world, are we the successful grains? Life tried with us the vertice of sentiency, and it proved to be one breached nuclear shell. However, it’s not like life can be so smart, it’s just shooting around randomly. It’s just one brainless force in the universe being so desperate and relentless in its quest, and there’s no sign it has really made us the epitome of its ways to dominance. Sentiency might have been a flawed vertice, and being made greedier than wise might cause our own extinction. Maybe life had it right with trees and plants, or just those simple microbes.

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