Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Reason

It’s the realization that is to do what is the right thing to do, despite the unpleasant consequents for my soul. It doesn’t matter if it will scar your soul or destroy your so-called dignity and reputation. It’s the realization that you’re being honest to yourself and that forgiveness is the best choice in the long-term.

By following reason I can become more disciplined and be much more productive while using less time. Using reason I can hold myself before rushing with my dangerous overcreative impulses. The cracks that come from underthought ideas can also be avoided as I try being more reasonable.

It’s the pleasure of knowing I can overcome my own flaws. It’s in my efforts that can become extremely methodical and clinical towards the annihilation of my vices. If I make the right questioning and inquiry I can spot and eliminate harmful patterns my mind creates before my own perception of them. 

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