Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Narrowblind

It represents this constant feeling of doubt towards new discoveries. It’s the shorted-sightedness that makes me be incapable of perceiving the ways out. This mindtrap represents how I think there are no more ideas to be discovered, no more elements to be examined.

This is a very constant dubiousness when it comes to inventions and technologies. We have the tendency to be doubtful towards the future when it comes to innovations, as the lack of a creative and practical perception of the world can always make us see things as reached the peak of all of our creativity and need.

As every month has been showing me wrong, there are always new things for me to discover. It makes me realize how important it is for me to overcome this harmful tendency I have to feel my peak has been reached.

Maybe the blindness comes from the toll of exhausting releasing. Even if I know how trances can be created, the exhaustion leaves them out of reach. But my rested mind can be recovered from the aversion the toll creates in me, and I can start breathing new ideas again.

It’s one of the Blindfolds, but “Narrow-minded Blindfold” was a very boring name. I’ll have to break the tradition, but it’s worth it as this is a catchier name and this way it will help me be more aware against its dangerous presence in my mind. 

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