Friday, August 31, 2012

Of rudimental tools

I find interesting to be able to make all these discoveries about my mind without the aid  of all these psychological theories. I even have the slight impression that, if I were curious about it and started reading about those things, I wouldn’t have them making this difference in my life. I would have a great amount of knowledge, but I don’t know if I would have them useful to me like this.

It’s something about the Nuclear Victory that is to have an amazing result despite the low resources. It’s this desire that sometimes comes to me, the bold strength in trying things in the hardest way – drawing buildings with no rules, for example. I can do amazing things with these rudimental tools, I just have to be much more skilled, and in these moments I am strong and confident to try it. After all, hope makes me strong, and the demand for absolute control of your tools makes it an impressive test.

It makes me think of how excessive use of technology ruins all the fun of overcoming your own abilities. It’s easier to have things done in computer than with pencils, and less rewarding too. Though in the beginning my skills are too behind the exigencies, I think the perseverance can slowly pay that off as the impressionability that people admire in art will grant you respect (probably).

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