Friday, August 31, 2012

Of confidence through empowerment

It’s nice to realize I’m building a whole world in here that is, by all means, something that only I can do. I am not saying it’s the greatest thing, but it’s just unique because here I’ve got all the things that make me what I am. The components of this place can’t possibly be replaced perfectly even if one would try to imitate me.

If anyone else is going to try those things, they might probably come up with more sophisticated and embellished results. But for all I know, these characters and forces, the way they are used and created, it’s something that only I can do.

One can take the ideas I have, such as quintessences and crests, and do other things with them, but the way I discovered them makes their development feel more natural in my hands, I think. So far it’s something that only I am talking about, and knowing that I have this power over it brings me some confidence.

Or that’s how I’d like it to happen. It’s nice to think I’m leaving a legacy in here, but why is it so hard for me to really feel proud of the merit I am worthy of getting? None of these words are loaded with meaning for me. I’m not really feeling the pride that I need and deserve.

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