Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Vesta’s Inquiry

There are several unconscious habits I’m keeping and that can block my advancement. My actions might not work because of these unconscious attitudes I fail to perceive. However, out of some realizations that make me cross rims of perception, I can notice vicious patterns that can be too prejudicial for me to do things the way I want them to become.

It means analyzing what’s really going on, or what’s the nuclear issue. It’s about not losing time with minor issues but going straight to the point; doing the right questions, so I can find the right answers. It’s not something made entirely for uncovering vicious patterns, but just any pattern at all.

This questioning happens when I’m finding myself doing certain behaviors that can be dangerous for the future generations. Unconsciously I can be turning too much towards one direction, like one sleepy driver slowly wanders off the lane, but the quick realization can prevent crashes from happening.

This is one of the main sources of identification of mindtraps. Several of them take shape from this kind of analysis, such as the dangerous Jack of All Trades and other similar saboteers, like the expectancy I can build from my sparkles of ideas.

The fact that the realization through this nuclear questioning once made me successful in resolving this problem caused me the assumption that it will solve all my problems. But fortunately Vesta is wiser than one mere saboteer.

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