Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Half-journey Joy

Adventures rarely feel enjoyable during the heat of the moment. It’s only when it’s all gone that we have positive memories about it all. It’s only when it’s all gone that we can laugh about those moments that we felt like being on the brink of ending. Still, there are some rare moments along the journey, especially a long one, when we enjoy the whole situation as it currently is.

This is something that I can currently feel in my life. There’s so much to be done, but there have been enough adventures for me not to be completely frightened by the surrounding problems. I’ve been through a lot, and I know when minor menaces aren’t going to bring me down.

This happens with my characters and their stories. There are so many possibilities for them I like to spend time thinking of their tomorrows. I like how there’s so much road ahead, and, now when I think about it, I really like this tone of inconclusiveness to it all. It might even be tastier for me to keep them like this for as much as I can.

I’ve known this feeling before, and it’s strange where it comes from. It’s from when I used to play a game all the way until I got stuck, and every return was frustrating as I had to start dealing with problems my previous self had failed to solve. But when I started to stop playing only around the moments when I got stuck, the experience felt more rewarding. It’s the joyful feeling of enjoying a nice road ahead without being stuck.

This feeling might be important to prevent me from getting to a new month without the feeling I have to start anew. If I let some ideas unresolved and unpublished they will make my mind feel like there are still quintessences to be ignited and driven around for trances and new ideas.

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