Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Axiom of Creation

This is the sudden power that I can use to get my chest rid of some terrible feeling by making something creative out of it. It’s the sudden feeling of joy for capturing a scourging feeling and making a character out of it, or having an idea named.

It’s such a good feeling that it might be the cause of excessive overcreation. It can bring so much relief to my spirit that my mind built the assumption that it can be the way to feel safe.

The problem is that I can only create, for instance, a character for the feeling one time. It only works once. It works very well and makes me excited to play around with the little toy I’ve made. But then when these feelings come back, I can only engrave in it the new details, and I can’t really feel that protected again.

The returning quintessences make me try new attempts in finding new protection amulets. I’ve used the Axiom of Creation to feel myself protected with the Flames, and then there were the Gemstones. Now I’m doing it again with the Axioms. I can get so obsessed with finding peace through creation that I keep accumulating these amulets. I must think of the consequences cracked behaviors like this could bring to me.

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