Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Whirlpool Habits

Being so focused about being a creator, I should be more worried about my foundations that would allow my creations to stand solid. While it’s great to be actively creating original content, being a little more passive towards knowledge is one of the ways to development that can’t go undervalued.

If I get myself too attached to my own ideas, I might bring dreibergian issues upon my work. This is where my flexibility to absorb and be contaminated with the surrounding world can be very useful. This is when I can have the chance to have new quintessences being transferred to my soul, which can increase my analogous knowledge.

The habit I need to create was named with a manual choice, so it might not last. However, it’s a name that works in making me know where to focus. Whirpools represent the idea of being focused on absorbing knowledge. It’s about reading and reading and reading. The science, art and philosophy trend I intend to create for myself can only become developed through this absorption of exterior knowledge to strength mine.

Whirlpool is the idea of being more intellectually passive. It’s great for times of restraint when I should be actively avoid having ideas. It would be the time for complete focus on absorption. This way, having control over my trances is important not only about triggering it, but keeping it from happening.

It can also be about getting more in touch with other people and knowing of their lives, feelings and thoughts. It’s basically caring less about myself, though my soul is rewarded for that as it enriches my soul.

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