Friday, August 31, 2012

Of Noekk, the lonely witch

There blackouts that make all trances impossible. It’s not a worrisome feeling, but it’s a terrible thing if it happens for too long. It’s this certain feeling of apathy, but curiously not always a scourging one. Noekk is how I am calling the character to represent this dangerous feeling I must be more careful about.

She makes all quintessences out of reach. I long for feeling some of the intense feelings, but none is around, not even Scourgers. It makes Noekk be distinguished from those others because of that, because she doesn’t bring me poignancy and harmful feelings.

But she is loosely related to the Ice Brothers that are Frosq and Iis. She makes meaning and feeling distant, but she doesn’t bring this coldness to my soul. In fact, she even brings me some peace, and I think that she could be related to Áine and Vesta (and now I wonder on the coincidence they’re all female characters). However, as it comes to those feelings that can be used by both the Flames and the Scourgers, I have to keep the good side of peace for Áine and Vesta.

Noekk feels to me like a character that lives in the woods, in a moss-covered hut. She might be isolated from the other Scourgers as she doesn’t have their scarring powers. Still, she can make her enchantments and bring me to a deceiving feeling of peace. But I think that her relation with Áine and Vesta might be in secret treaties they make.

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